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Category: gTLDs

Trade Ethereum with 1.111B® .XYZ Domains with 99¢ Transfer Fees

As part of our third anniversary to celebrate .xyz as the most popular new domain in the world, XYZ introduced the 1.111B®… Read More >

Breaking the Mold

Three years ago, my team and I launched .xyz with the mission of bringing competition, choice, and innovation on the internet. .xyz… Read More >

The XYZ Portfolio Expands with the Acquisition of .Storage

The mission of XYZ has always been to bring choice, availability, and innovation to the next generation of internet users. Our first… Read More >

FACT: .XYZ Outsold .COM by Over 1 Million Names in June

2016 has been a GREAT year for XYZ. It started shortly after a summary judgement granted by the federal judge who ruled… Read More >


Source: I remember back at USC one of my Entrepreneur professors shared the above graph of the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle. The… Read More >

$5M Open Offer to Rightside Group Ltd

Below you will find an offer to Rightside Group, Ltd. to purchase four of the under-monetized new gTLDs (generic top level domains)… Read More >

.xyz Crosses 15 Billion Monthly DNS Queries

Last month, .xyz crossed 2 million total registrations. Two weeks later, there were 2.5 million registrations. But as I’ve said before, registration… Read More >

XYZ Stands for Democracy

.xyz is for every website, everywhere. We really mean that. XYZ, now and in the future, will always protect people’s rights and… Read More >

Does Your Business Even Need A Domain?

With 1.5 billion monthly active Facebook users and mobile internet browsing exceeding PC internet usage in the US, I’m often asked how… Read More >

We end the Alphabet with XYZ, We end domain names the same way.

Many people called me crazy, and some people still do. Nonetheless, this week was a BIG win for our team, who have been… Read More >