As a small business owner myself, it is important to me to support other small businesses through .xyz. To help small businesses get online, my team arranged for a handful of amazing coupon codes from our registrar partners – read along and listen to my interview to claim these!

And this is only the beginning. My team has been developing an array of resources to support small businesses through .xyz.

Since the good .coms are taken…
Verisign recently tweeted its attempt at supporting small businesses, which interestingly is advertised through a long-winded domain name with dashes.

It seems counterintuitive to build a platform about growing your online presence on a domain name that is difficult for visitors to remember and access. Our first step in supporting small businesses is by offering tangible support through special discounts, so you can effectively start growing your venture today (.xyz exclusive coupon codes can be found here).

Radio interview with KDWN
Recently, I sat down with Tisha Black for KDWN’s Legal Hour, where we talked about my entrepreneurial background, the basics of domain name registration, and most importantly, how small businesses can leverage .xyz domain names to grow their audience and customers. It was a great discussion with Tisha, who is not only a licensed attorney, but also a recently minted business owner.

.xyz for small business owners
Because of its affordable price point and forward-thinking branding, .xyz has been especially popular with the younger generation of internet users and startup companies. However, .xyz’s appeal isn’t limited to this audience. Among many other verticals, another demographic that can benefit from .xyz domains is small business owners.

Be where your customers are looking
Today, getting online is critical to growing your business. Think about the last time you tried a new restaurant. How did you find it? Many of us will search online or consult a website like Yelp. Without an online presence, the Mom and Pop Deli is at an immediate disadvantage against the sandwich shop attracting hungry new visitors through, for example.

They’re looking online
Adults spend over 5 hours everyday on digital media (online and mobile). If your business does not have an online presence, you’re missing key opportunities to garner their attention.

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, there are over 28.2 million small businesses, however, 55% of these do not have a website at all. On behalf of the 15.5 million small business owners who do not have an online presence, Tisha asked me: “how easy is it to set up your business online?”

It’s much easier than you’re thinking
The time and cost associated with registering, developing, and managing a website may be a huge psychological and financial barrier for many. Which is why registrars such as GoDaddy offer a great range of services to alleviate these strains.

Everything from domain name registration, web hosting, site builders, and even eCommerce and online marketing services can all be accessed through GoDaddy. I also recommend visiting our resources page, XYZ101 for step-by-step instructions for a number of great registrars.

Already have an online presence?
.xyz domains are not only for businesses setting up for the first time, but also, an extremely strategic and economical way to target a specific segment of your customer base.

For example, Grace Family Church promotes its church activities through In order to expand its student ministry group, the church developed, leveraging .xyz’s brand appeal towards the younger generation. This is a great case study that illustrates strategic online marketing through delivering targeted marketing content on a .xyz domain.

SEO benefits
The question of how new domain extensions fare in search engine rankings has become an actively explored topic. Most recently, Total Websites released its study “New gTLD Domains DO Boost SEO Rankings”, which I recommend for anyone looking to improve their SEO with new domain extensions.

With .xyz’s $10 or less price point, flexible applications, branding that attracts the younger demographic, and easy-to-use products offered by registrars, even my grandmother can seamlessly launch her business online (she just activated her .xyz email today, by the way!). Your great product will not reach your customers if they don’t know about it – bring your small business online and grow your operations with .xyz.

Listen to the full KDWN Legal Hour Radio interview here:

Listen throughout for exclusive .xyz coupon codes for 30% off GoDaddy products, Directnic, and more.