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FACT: .XYZ Outsold .COM by Over 1 Million Names in June

2016 has been a GREAT year for XYZ. It started shortly after a summary judgement granted by the federal judge who ruled… Read More >


Source: I remember back at USC one of my Entrepreneur professors shared the above graph of the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle. The… Read More >

$5M Open Offer to Rightside Group Ltd

Below you will find an offer to Rightside Group, Ltd. to purchase four of the under-monetized new gTLDs (generic top level domains)… Read More >

.xyz Crosses 15 Billion Monthly DNS Queries

Last month, .xyz crossed 2 million total registrations. Two weeks later, there were 2.5 million registrations. But as I’ve said before, registration… Read More >

XYZ Stands for Democracy

.xyz is for every website, everywhere. We really mean that. XYZ, now and in the future, will always protect people’s rights and… Read More >

Does Your Business Even Need A Domain?

With 1.5 billion monthly active Facebook users and mobile internet browsing exceeding PC internet usage in the US, I’m often asked how… Read More >

We end the Alphabet with XYZ, We end domain names the same way.

Many people called me crazy, and some people still do. Nonetheless, this week was a BIG win for our team, who have been… Read More >

Selling DMN.COM

For the same reasons I’m selling which closes Tuesday on NameJet, I am also selling Not only is this a… Read More >

Why I Am Selling

Do you have your It’s pretty difficult to come by, even if you have an uncommon last name like mine. What… Read More >

Can You Register the Best Domain? Take The Challenge

At #ICANN53, I had the honor of meeting Dr. Stephen Crocker, one of the inaugural inductees into the Internet Hall of Fame,… Read More >