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The mission of XYZ has always been to bring choice, availability, and innovation to the next generation of internet users. Our first domain extension, .xyz, has helped millions of users all over the world connect with one another through the community we are cultivating, coined “Generation XYZ.” Through this mantra, we have seen leaders in nearly every industry adopt .xyz, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Engine.xyz), the cofounders of Skype (Starship.xyz), and the wearable payment solution that was acquired for an estimated $10 million (Sling.xyz).

The second domain extension we originally applied for and acquired was .College. As an authoritative, unrestricted namespace, .College opens doors for institutions, campus organizations, and other professionals in the educational realm to create a unified online presence without the limitations of past options.

Shortly after .College, we launched .Rent, which was one of our early acquisitions. Because of my experience as a real estate investor, I knew how to effectively position this TLD to property owners. .Rent is now one of our most successful assets thanks to registrations of variably priced names like apartments.rent, home.rent, and TV.rent, which all cost 5-figures per year to own.

In 2016, XYZ launched six “premium domain extensions”: .Security, .Protection, .Theatre; and .Cars, .Car, and .Auto through a joint venture. With a recommended retail price of $3,000 USD for ALL domains (with the exception of .Theatre domains for $750), these namespaces welcome high-value end users to register 1-character, 2-character, geographic names, and keywords on a first-come, first-served basis. The Colorado Automotive Dealers Association (Colorado.Auto), Scholfield Automotive Group (Wichita.Cars), and PEP Security (PEP.Security) are just a few examples of well-established organizations that have built their online presence on these new domains in such a short timeframe.

The success of the entire XYZ portfolio, anchored by .xyz, has led to an excess of cash flow for us to further our mission of bringing choice and innovation to the internet. Thanks to the end users who have adopted .xyz in over 230 countries, our registration and renewal rates have exceeded even my own expectations. We have reinvested these funds to grow .xyz further: through hackathon sponsorships for underprivileged youth, meetings with startups and press outlets at events like TechDay LA, and website design contests with General Assembly and GoDaddy.

Due to the success we have had to date, I got the confidence to acquire our 10th asset, the .Storage domain extension. Starting with 2 TLDs and expanding to 10 is quite an accomplishment for us. Like the six other extensions we released in 2016, .Storage will be a premium namespace for businesses and professionals in the data and physical storage verticals:

Data Storage Physical Storage
Local drive storage Self storage
Network storage Dry warehousing
Cloud storage Logistics
Backup storage Vehicle, boat, & plane storage
File sharing services Moving services

Rather than reserving the best names, ALL .Storage names will be available for one flat price. This allows high-quality end users to register their first choice domains with products from hundreds of registrars and resellers who already carry .xyz.

The recurring revenue stream generated by .Storage and all of our other domain extensions, ultimately allow for us to reinvest in .xyz to boost awareness and adoption worldwide. There are millions of new businesses and individuals coming online for the first time and our goal is to help them connect with Generation XYZ with their own .xyz domains. Despite our unprecedented growth, the XYZ Team will continue to expand the scope of our creative marketing campaigns and launch win-win marketing campaigns with registrars and resellers in nearly every country.

We are still in acquisition mode with cash in-hand, and I am loaded for bear. Due to our intimate knowledge, experience and close partnerships with registrars, we are prepared to acquire more domain extensions. Any registry operators who would like to explore a sale of their assets are encouraged to contact me.

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