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As we celebrate .xyz’s 9th anniversary, I cannot help but sit back in amazement of what has become of my “big idea” to democratize naming with a true generic domain extension for every website, everywhere. My vision has been to create competition and choice when it comes to picking your domain name. A true generic naming option in .xyz, which has no specific meaning, putting your domain name in focus. An unforgettable name ending that coincides with the last three letters of the alphabet. Thanks to my fabulous team, and an incredible community, my dream has become true.

I take great pride in our dedication to our communities – and our ability to offer unparalleled competition and choice. Our mission is and has been to empower our users to achieve success online. We stay committed to setting the standard for how a registry should operate.

We have seen .xyz stay ahead of the curve and continue to be chosen by the innovators in emerging technologies and markets. .XYZ is around 1% of all domain names in existence, yet according to DNS data, I believe we are closer to 1.5 – 2% of all DNS activity, and we are creating around 4-5% of all new domains created daily.

The innovations in AI have transcended onto AI platforms and projects building on .xyz domains. I do not believe that this is a fad or a short term trend, I also do not see this slowing down. This year has marked not only a significant rise in AI platforms launching on .xyz domains, but also a notable increase in the registration of .xyz domains featuring the keyword “AI.”  In fact, in the past 6 months alone, “AI” and “GPT” have risen to the 1st and 2nd most popular keywords in .xyz registrations. In studying new registrations turning into live projects, many generic .xyz domains are coming to life with AI projects. The #1 and #2 ranking of “AI” and “GPT” registrations are a barometer of AI activity on .xyz domain names.

The fusion of artificial intelligence and our versatile domain extensions has sparked a revolution, setting the stage for unprecedented innovation and transformative possibilities. The growth we have witnessed is just the tip of the iceberg. With the relentless advancements in AI technology and the boundless opportunities presented by XYZ Registry domains, the future is poised to witness an even greater influx of innovative AI-powered platforms. Brace yourselves; the wave of groundbreaking solutions and transformative experiences is set to surge forward at an insane pace. IMO the AI revolution is real, it’s here, and we have a front row seat in .xyz domain names. Here are a few of the cool projects our team has been seeing:

  • is an AI platform aimed at making it easy to access and leverage web3 data.
  • is a dashboard builder that is designed to help convert data queries into shareable and easy-to-read charts in various forms like bar, line, and pie charts.
  • is a software development company focused on AI-Powered solutions to help companies identify revenue-generating and marketing opportunities.
  • is an AI assistant to help you craft better Tweets
  • is an AI Assistant for DAOs
  • is an AI-powered game builder
  • is a platform for AI news, trends, tools, and resources
  • is a tech startup developing open-source generative AI, and they just raised $20 million!

Being a true generic domain extension, one of the key benefits of .xyz domains is the opportunity to brand yourself across industries. Shifting the focus to your domain name, and less so the extension. This flexibility allows startups to shift from web3 to AI or exploring multiple sectors simultaneously, .xyz domains empower you to navigate diverse landscapes with agility. This versatility allows countless opportunities for growth, ensuring that this community remains poised to make a lasting impact across various industries. I think this is a key differentiator and true most exclusive to .xyz being a memorable domain ending with no specific meaning.

The remarkable growth of AI platforms and the rising popularity of the “AI” keyword in domain registrations are not the only sector that is on fire, we are also witnessing increased adoption and application of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Alongside the surging growth of AR technologies, so grows the usage of .xyz domains for AR-related platforms and solutions. .XYZ domains have long been utilized for various 3D modeling types, often because of the association to x, y, and z coordinates. With these xyz coordinates – anyone can create mind-blowing 3D models, animations, and simulations that look incredibly real. Creators conducting these xyz coordinates are what make gaming, VR, and other industries so immersive and awesome. The expanding use of AR and VR is further driving the demand for our domain extensions. From immersive gaming experiences to cutting-edge training simulations, our diverse range of end-users is harnessing the power of AR/VR to revolutionize industries and reshape the way we interact with digital content. This shift towards augmented and virtual reality has prompted an increased utilization of .xyz domains to accommodate the innovative solutions and experiences they offer. Most recently we’ve been enjoying the creativity of – our team has even made a Welcome room of our own! As the use of AR technology continues to grow alongside general adoption, we anticipate an even greater surge in the use of .xyz domains, further solidifying our position as a go-to choice for groundbreaking and immersive digital experiences.

To be clear, .xyz is not just the obvious choice for emerging technologies; it has already become the go-to generic ending for everyone, everywhere. Whether a small or big business owner, blogger, artist, or even a fashion label, .xyz has become the strong choice for establishing a strong online presence. With .xyz, you can make your website stand out, and you can capture the attention of your audience. So, whether you’re building the next big tech platform or showcasing your updated resume, .xyz is the domain extension that’s revolutionizing the digital landscape for users of all kinds.

This year we are also working on rebranding .auto for the AI ecosystem, as we have seen an emergence of non-automotive registrations and focus on ai. We are working on expanding distribution and going live with .game .lol and our remaining tld’s on GoDaddy this year and evangelizing our 34 TLDs to the world, raising awareness and usage amongst our naming options.

I am always amped to witness the convergence of visionary entrepreneurs, innovative artists, relentless developers, industry disruptors, and ambitious dreamers within our diverse range of end-users. Together, we are boldly pushing the boundaries of what the online world can achieve! We are fueled by an unyielding pioneering spirit and an unwavering dedication to excellence, and together we have transformed .xyz into an unrivaled symbol of boundless freedom and unparalleled versatility on the internet. We strive to feature our diverse community of end users as often as we can. We feature .xyz adopters in all of our content, from blog posts and social media, to XYZ Quarterly Reports.

We aim to seek out and amplify users from marginalized communities. Here are a few definitely worth your attention:

  • – crypto custodian startup founded by Tux Pacific; hacker, cryptographer, anarchist, entrepreneur, and member of the transgender community
  • – personal website of Michael Rikio Ming Hee Ho; Cantonese, Japanese American contemporary artist currently based in Tokyo
  • – portrait and wedding photography service led by Atlanta-based photographer Maggie Karanja
  • – personal website of Jamaican American Ace Anderson, a professional actor, comedian, rapper, filmmaker, and graphic designer
  • – personal website of Brooklyn-based writer and editor Jackson Howard, who has edited acclaimed books that have won or been nominated for awards such as National Book Award, the Kirkus Prize, and the Lambda Literary Award
  •  – personal website of NYT Senior video Journalist Gabriella Lewis whose work has also been featured in other distinguished publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Pitchfork, and CNN

Our collective efforts have shattered limitations, unlocking new realms of possibilities and redefining the very essence of online empowerment. At .xyz, we represent the bravery of dreaming big and the tenacity to bring those dreams to fruition.

True commitment to competition and choice is just one of the many things that sets XYZ apart from the rest. 

By providing a vast array of domain options, we’re ensuring that everyone the whole world over has access to the best domain name for their needs. Tech startups, big corporations, personal endeavors, and more. Here’s just a small example of use on XYZ TLDs:

The level of choice is unparalleled, and it’s all thanks to the domain industry’s innovative and forward-thinking approach.

These cutting-edge technologies on XYZ domains are shaping the way we interact with the internet and are driving new opportunities for online success. As a forward-thinking registry, we’re proud to support and empower these advancements, furthering our commitment to innovation and excellence.


Our fast-growing web3 community inspired our new #BlockchainThursday blog series, a web3-focused companion to #WebsiteWednesday. Now with AI here to stay, our upcoming new blog series #AIMonday will keep you up to speed on the cutting-edge AI technology coming from the .xyz community.

We continue to feature more and more of the coolest end users, especially with our new #BlockchainThursday series in full swing. Here are some of my personal favorite WWs and BCTs of the past year):

  • Snoop Dogg’s Indonesian coffee brand (
  • Social collectibles platform ( which joined forces with leading open-source generative AI company Stability AI to launch Animai, a consumer animation tool
  • Creative company from Chris Carboni ( which won 4 Vimeo Staff Picks and 2 Design and Art Direction (D&AD) Graphite Pencils
  • Production company ( that makes content for Apple, Squarespace, Smartwater, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z and has racked up three Emmy Awards and the Palme d’Or.
  • Tech startup (Immortal.Game) bringing the game of chess to web3 and raised $15.5 million in funding
  • Jack Dorsey’s initiative ( to develop a new protocol for social media and the new Bluesky social media platform

If you have a cool project you think is worthy of being highlighted, send an email to our team hello [at]

Earlier I referenced and their recent fundraising accomplishment. The sheer number of ventures within the .xyz community securing substantial investments is amazing. It is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering drive that permeates our community. Each success story reinforces the notion that .xyz is a breeding ground for innovation, attracting visionary minds who dare to disrupt and redefine industries. Together, we are building a dynamic ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas flourish, paving the way for a future defined by unprecedented achievements and game-changing transformations. We’ve been adding these successes to our monthly Domains Report because they’re just too cool not to share. Check out some of these impressive feats:

  • Web3 startup raised $50 million in a Series A round led by Blockchain Capital
  • Berlin-based DeFi startup raised $22.5 million in a financing round led by Pantera Capital
  • Developer Keone Hon’s tech startup raised $19M in seed funding (led by to help grow its smart contract platform and improve the Ethereum space
  • Technology company raised $17M in seed funding to expand operations and its business reach
  • Tech entrepreneur Ben Milne’s DeFi startup has raised $11.1M to invest in research and development while supporting its regulatory efforts in the United States
  • No-code web3 infrastructure platform raised $9M in seed funding to accelerate its development timeline
  • Permissionless cloud database raised $8M in seed funding to launch on mainnet and release new developer tools

Making an impact

It’s not just our commitment to competition and choice that makes XYZ so great. Part of XYZ’s mission is also giving back to the communities we serve. That’s why we’ve established partnerships with a variety of organizations that share our values and goals.

A couple of our newest partnerships are particularly awesome. Online education platform SuperHi teaches code, design, and project management. Hackathon management platform TAIKAI provides solutions to run a successful event, including project management and online registration. We love working with similar-minded organizations that help create a better future for everyone. From our efforts together with our hackathon and educational partners, we have provided support to more than 260 events this past year, worldwide! Over twice as many as last year, and counting.

As we celebrate our 9th anniversary, I am proud of XYZ’s commitment to our communities – and our ability to offer unparalleled competition and choice in naming options. At the forefront of our mission is the relentless drive to empower our users with the most versatile domains, ensuring their online success has a memorable name to call home. Entrepreneurs, artists, creators, developers, and ambitious dreamers all continue innovating together within XYZ’s diverse range of end-users, and there is truly no limit on what we can achieve together.

All of this has been made possible by you. Thank you for choosing .xyz