shaq year

Woah, what a year. We went from our Jordan Year to Kareem vibes after successfully acquiring and now marketing our latest batch of 10 new gTLDs.  I guess it’s only natural to move onto our Shaq year.

ICYMI, I am passionate about bringing competition and choice to the market, worldwide / interplanetary.

We have been trying to expand into Latin America since we started XYZ and we finally got a deal done. I am excited to announce the acquisition of our 34th TLD – .LAT – a culturally significant domain ending and a representation of the exceptional community that it powers. The Latin communities are some of the most underserved internet populations on earth. For many years, I have been actively seeking .LAT to promote diversity and affordability of naming options to the world community and to provide inspiration for Latin identities and expression.

We are very excited to bring .LAT (XYZ TLD #34) to market for the community to innovate on. I am dedicated to our efforts aimed at increasing access and inspiration for the Latin communities worldwide to create on .LAT.

¡BOOM! – .LAT has a new home

We are having a blast with  .Game, .Guitars, .Audio, .Christmas, .Diet, .Flowers, .Hosting, .Pics, .Mom, and .LOL, and will be expanding on the number of registrars offering these domains over the next 6 months. Due to our marketing efforts so far, registration activity for .Pics, .Mom, and .LOL increased by an average 292% YoY, up to 485% for some TLDs. I am excited to unleash the XYZ global network effect, and take .LAT to the next level.  While registrations will continue as usual, we will be formally relaunching .LAT sometime in 2023. This will include efforts to increase awareness, access, and marketing. We want to make the domains more accessible everywhere.

More about .LAT (#34)

.LAT is a clear and memorable abbreviation of the Latin language, and the region of Latin America. To this day, .LAT has been marketed as the domain name that represents Latin expression on the Internet, and having a .LAT domain name helps you to give the websites, emails and your internet presence a prideful Latin identity. I’m committed to taking .LAT to the next level,  increasing its adoption and elevating its importance and cultural significance. We will grow .LAT, and each of our newest extensions, just as successfully as we have with the rest of XYZ’s offerings.

Latin America internet usage

I’m motivated by the numbers pertaining to internet usage coming out of Latin America. As of 2021, the total population is 652 million, which is 8% of the world’s population.[1] 74% of Latin America’s population is using the Internet.[2] There are 300 million digital buyers, a number that is forecast to grow over 20 percent by 2025.[3] I found that online retail sales are expected to reach 160 billion USD by 2025.[4] And e-commerce users were forecast to reach approximately 317 million in 2022. By 2025, this figure could grow by 13.6 percent, resulting in some 361 million users.[5] And we know that Covid-19 accelerated e-commerce users and increased online sales by 20%.[6] Those numbers amount to an overwhelming amount of possibility to expand on the .LAT domain.

Boundless naming opportunities

I’ve already found many strong individuals and organizations using the .LAT domain extension.

  • Gatorade.Lat – Globally recognized sports beverage and food products
  • Brainly.Lat – Peer-to-peer learning platform
  • ASIET.Lat – Media news company
  • HandMixed.Lat – Barcelona-based paint stick company that recently worked with Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin.
  • eScire.Lat – a consultation service provider that is helping academic and research institutions with their digital publishing projects
  • VPN.Lat – VPN service providing free VPN in 60 countries
  • MAVIFarmaceutica.Lat – Pharmaceutical company recognized by Mexico’s Great Place to Work® Certification

These are just a fraction of the notable names that are already using .LAT. We’re going to help this list grow exponentially. From FirstNameLastName.Lat and YourBrand.Lat to YourOrganization.Lat and YourServices.Lat, the possibilities of branding on .LAT with focused Latin identity are boundless.

The existing team has done a truly incredible job of starting .lat and getting it going. As the next steward of this important domain we will look to accelerate registrations and usage by celebrating the existing successful users, and looking to inspire the next generation of users to choose .LAT.

Believe it, .xyz has been an economic and cultural miracle which will continue to be our focus at XYZ. Thankfully I have been put in a position to reinvest our wildly successful operations into expanding competition and choice to now a total of 34 options. I couldn’t help but laugh at a colleague who told me .LAT is a niche offering. I’m thinking to myself 500Million + people is a niche? Anyone can register .LAT while we migrate to our backend and begin activating the channel.

I have given my life to domains and have an extremely long term vision to bring moar options to the world. Working hard on inspiring the next generation of dreamers w/ cool new domain options can be taxing, but I love it. Hopefully you enjoyed reading my update. TIme permitting, I am trying to do more than one post a yr.



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