Do you have your It’s pretty difficult to come by, even if you have an uncommon last name like mine. What I see now is people grabbing their – it’s cutting edge and it embodies being part of the next generation of internet users.
Almost 20 years ago in the late 90’s – when I was around 12 years old – I spent hours searching for every 3 letter .com and as many dictionary terms as I could go through. And I couldn’t find any to register. Even back then I couldn’t find the domain names I wanted.

I did, however, register my last name in middle school. I let it expire soon after, because I couldn’t justify the cost of a domain that I settled for and wasn’t going to use (especially as a teenager).

But when someone else picked up, I remember being upset and kept an eye on it. It’s amazing how much you want something when it’s unavailable! Below is an Wayback Machine snapshot of the person who picked it up when I let it expire.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 5.35.26 PM

It’s not like there are thousands or even hundreds of Negari’s out there – the number might even be less than 25. Yet in 2003, when I was in high school, the domain bug caught me again and I got back. This time, I was determined to use my domain name and put it to good use. As a young entrepreneur at the time, I was buying and selling things on eBay, in particular, basketball jerseys, headbands, and other athletic gear to get ready to pay for college. Check out what I found on – I laughed.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 5.34.37 PM

And just like any person or business, I kept growing and wanted different things from my website. At one point morphed, and in 2005, I dedicated the page to Alan Greenspan. Not sure exactly what I was thinking as a 19, 20 year old, but I remember being heavily into Federal Reserve policy making.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 5.36.10 PM

Since then, I haven’t used the domain but kept it just to claim my name on the internet.

In 2009, someone registered, with the only intention of flipping it to me. 6 years later, the domain is still being renewed by the owner, but I’m still not interested. And I will never be.

The .com namespace is too dense. I’ve reset the naming options with .xyz and am proud to support .xyz through and through.

So why am I selling now?
Simple. I started my own namespace and now I have, a domain I actually want! When I was selling things, my .com made sense (for com-mercial use). Especially since my last name was one of the only .com domains I could get with my middle school budget.

But now we’re in 2015 where we can finally choose the domain name we want – not settle on one. As I’ve said before, I truly am all in with new domains. And to stick to my word, I’m letting go, as well as most of my .com domain portfolio.

On top of that, .com is suing me for a completely frivolous claim, even though I’ve been a supporter for years. Why would I support such an organization? is up for auction at NameJet, closing August 8.

Now I have and I don’t have to rely on fighting or settling for my domains, and neither do the rest of the internet users.

The future is here and it is clear as day.

Fight On,