For the same reasons I’m selling which closes Tuesday on NameJet, I am also selling Not only is this a highly coveted, it’s also personal because these are my exact initials. DMN is also short for DoMaiN and is a useful acronym for businesses and organizations (for example, Digital Media Network). I am truly all in with new gTLDs and I plan on selling off my remaining .com domain names I own personally or through any companies.

What will happen to short .com domains?

In my opinion, the extremely limited supply of 3 and 4 letter and number .com domains will continue to increase in value in the aftermarket. After all, with every domain registered, it only becomes harder for people to find the domains they want. Now people end up paying 6 figures to get the short domains that they want!

What is DMN?

DMN is a (Consonant Consonant Consonant) with lots of demand domestically and internationally.

Chinese buyers prefer CCC domains, and domestic (US) buyers prefer domains that can stand for keywords like “domain” or acronyms for their business like “Digital Music Network” (which is what the domain was used for before I owned it).

The domain receives good type-in traffic, but it is being sold because I personally don’t have a need for my .com portfolio anymore.

Was a great investment?

Almost 10 years ago in 2006, I paid $22,221 for and I recently turned down an offer for $80,000. Looking at recent sales as seen in the chart below, I think this will sell in the low 6 figures on NameJet.

Recent sales

Domain Name Price Sales Date $55,300 June, 2015 $68,000 June, 2015 $290,000 April, 2015 $200,000 April, 2015 $50,000 April, 2015 $100,000 April, 2015 $31,050 April, 2015 $55,000 April, 2015 $130,000 March, 2015 $136,400 March, 2015 $12,000,000 January, 2006

source:; retrieved 8/7/2015

Only time will tell, but I think this should end up being a decent investment assuming it sells for $80,000 or more on auction.

Why I am selling

Actions speak louder than words. I’m selling my .com portfolio to show that I’m a believer and supporter of new domains – specifically .xyz. As personal and rare as they are, I’m excited to be releasing and and putting my money behind .xyz.

Bid on on NameJet now.