2016 has been a GREAT year for XYZ. It started shortly after a summary judgement granted by the federal judge who ruled in favor of XYZ over Verisign, and our growth has not slowed down since.

As a registry operator, XYZ’s portfolio of domain extensions has expanded from three offerings (.xyz, .College, and .Rent) to nine with the acquisitions of .Security and .Protection, .Theatre, and .Cars, .Car, and .Auto, which all launched in January. Without reserved or variably priced names, businesses have been able to secure keywords, city names, and other highly sought after domains in these premium namespaces to expand their online presence. For example, Symantec not only registered Symantec.Security, but it also acquired Data.Protection, Endpoint.Security, and Network.Security, among others. Key Brand Entertainment (KBE) secured a number of domains ranging from Broadway.Theatre to Tickets.Theatre.

SMBs have been the one of the biggest benefactors of our new domains. With several hundred thousand dollars already invested in enduser education, dealerships like Arizona.Cars now rank #1 organically for competitive search terms like “Arizona used cars” – ahead of industry heavyweights like Carfax, Autotrader, and Car Gurus.

Arizona.Cars ranks #1 in Google for the  keyword search "Arizona used cars"

Our advanced marketing strategies has also led to a number of innovators adopting our domains for their new businesses and products. FMC.Auto, a new company founded by a former VP of BMW and President of Infiniti, is building “the car of the future” with backing by Tencent. MeetOlli.Auto, which has been featured in USA Today, Fortune, and many other media outlets, is the 3D-printed autonomous shuttle undergoing testing on US streets.

Press coverage on the launch of MeetOlli.Auto, the 3D printed autonomous shuttle

June was by far the highest growth period .xyz – and possibly the entire internet – has ever seen. We incurred around a 7 figure ICANN fee alone for registration fees alone to host the biggest sale the internet has ever seen. In total, over 220 registrars / resellers and their customers celebrated our 2 year anniversary by registering over 3.6 MILLION .xyz domains in June – over 1 MILLION (45% greater) more than what was registered in .com during the same term (3,633,650 .xyz creates vs 2,507,767 .com creates).


The most remarkable part of our unprecedented growth has been the advanced level of abuse mitigation to enforce XYZ’s zero-tolerance abuse policy. In partnership with many of the industry leaders in the security sector, our Anti-Abuse Team is able to proactively monitor, detect in near-realtime, and suspend domains that are being used for spamming, phishing, malware, or other forms of abusive activities. The result is less than 1% abuse in the entire .xyz zone, and a lower abuse score than well-established domain extensions like .com, .net, .info, .biz, and .us, according to Spamhaus.

Chart showing suspicious domains per TLD


Spamhaus abuse score for the .com TLD


Spamhaus abuse score for the .xyz TLD


As the most popular new domain in over 80 countries, it has been very encouraging to watch new .xyz websites launching every day from all parts of the world. To help inspire others, we write a profile on at least one of our favorite .xyz use cases every week in our #WebsiteWednesday blog series, which we started in 2014. Since Q3 of this year alone, we have featured roughly 40 .xyz end users, such as:

Rascali.xyza virtual reality content studio in the US
Intorno.xyza 3D music production company in Spain
Multilanguage.xyza popular Weebly translation app from Argentina
DoverStreet.xyzan award-winning production company in the UK
Mixxer.xyza graphic design studio in the Netherlands

Scroll down to see more use cases or visit www.gen.xyz/ww

The next generation of the internet is here

As the go-to domain extension for the next generation of internet users, China has always been one of the most important markets for .xyz. We have made a substantial investment to expand in China by bringing on a team of fluent Mandarin-speakers led by Mason Zhang, forming our WFOE, acquiring our Chinese Business License, and opening a local office for our Chinese entity, Beijing XYZ Technology Co. LTD. Additionally, XYZ is the only foreign registry operator to pass technical testing and receive ICANN approval to operate in China. With accreditation expected soon, we are projecting an even higher growth rate in 2017.

Looking ahead to next year, XYZ will continue to invest millions of dollars combined through innovative marketing channels directly and with our registrar partners.

My mission is to become the #1 overall domain in every market. As our partners will attest to, the XYZ Team proactively seeks out new win-win opportunities by leveraging our creative team, financial resources, and passionate followers. With cash-in-hand, we are expanding the scope of our marketing campaigns while also looking to acquire more domain extensions, which in turn will generate more cash flow for XYZ to invest in growing .xyz.

The growth seen in .xyz and our other domains in 2016 is just beginning. Any registrars, resellers, or registries who would like to discuss potential deals are encouraged to contact us.

The next generation of the internet is here.



January – October 2016 #WebsiteWednesday profiles

  1. Rascali.xyza virtual reality content studio in the US
  2. Intorno.xyza 3D music production company in Spain
  3. Hikers.xyzIan Clark’s hiking journal
  4. Lisn.xyza music sharing app in India
  5. NPDM.xyza student’s design portfolio
  6. Converge.xyzan informational resource for BMG’s clients
  7. Echoes.xyzaugmented reality audio tours in Vietnam
  8. Fungogo.xyza social travel planner in Taiwan
  9. Multilanguage.xyza popular Weebly translation app from Argentina
  10. NotebookAndEarth.xyza travel journal for 3 adventurers from Azerbaijan
  11. Dino.xyza Slack plugin to showcase your work culture
  12. Comuzi.xyza digital design firm in the UK
  13. JLin.xyzthe personal site of a creative individual
  14. LetsMath.xyzan online learning platform for Generation Z
  15. DoverStreet.xyzan award-winning production company in the UK
  16. BambangYusuf.xyza web designer in Indonesia
  17. V-M-C.xyza music entertainment agency in Indonesia
  18. CycleFeed.xyza cycling blog and podcast in Canada
  19. OpenJC.xyza nonprofit in Jersey City
  20. AxisGroup.xyza design studio in Argentina
  21. Rodrigo.xyza Brazilian web developer’s personal site
  22. Mixxer.xyza graphic design studio in the Netherlands
  23. Epitome.xyza guide to Greece
  24. Voce.xyza street art installation in Germany
  25. Faceboard.xyzan e-learning platform from South Africa
  26. JonathanItakpe.xyza personal site for a developer in Nigeria
  27. Devloops.xyzan app developer in Egypt
  28. SpinWild.xyza digital marketing firm in Taiwan
  29. Percipio.xyza VR camera manufacturer in China
  30. Sling.xyzan Israeli wearable paymentrecently acquired for over $10 million USD
  31. Empati.xyza nonprofit in Turkey
  32. Hussam.xyzan entrepreneur in UAE
  33. Playground.xyzan advertising agency in Australia
  34. JulesDelaveau.xyza graphic designer in New Zealand
  35. MusicTalks.xyzan audio discovery platform from Australia
  36. Practice.xyza learning platform that rebranded from ApprenNet.com
  37. Simpa.xyzan independent medical practice specializing in primary care
  38. TheGoodLife.xyza charitable apparel company
  39. PeterCochrane.xyzthe portfolio of a California-based photographer
  40. Resl.xyzthe portfolio of artist and designer, Moritz Resl
  41. FeldOfPlay.xyza multifaceted product and graphic design studio
  42. Levalet.xyzmain site of a popular French street artist
  43. Liucid.xyzan artistic journal of thoughts by Ann Liu
  44. Tantrum.xyza lifestyle blog for modern parents
  45. AllisonLaw.xyzan American’s travel blog
  46. Throne.xyza news source and marketplace for streetwear
  47. Dabble.xyzan innovative dating app
  48. Feed.xyza digital marketing studio in London
  49. BrakeTheCycle.xyzan adventure club of cycling enthusiasts
  50. Fathom.xyz an IoT company specializing in location emitting Bluetooth beacons
  51. ThatStore.xyza Japanese clothing store
  52. Jagzzi.xyzan online fashion and lifestyle magazine in Tokyo
  53. Kisaburo.xyza dedicated website for Kisaburo’s fashion line
  54. Activatr.xyza startup incubator in Germany
  55. Milk.xyza New Yorked-based popculture site
  56. Dreamr.xyza music discovery platform
  57. Maybe.xyza creative new shopping app
  58. Exponentials.xyza technology hub founded by Deloitte
  59. Rise.xyzan HR software platform that rebranded from PaySavvy.com
  60. GadgetDaily.xyzthe official website of Gadget Magazine
  61. GetSerendipity.xyza free professional networking service
  62. Starship.xyzrobotic delivery technology invented by the founders of Skype
  63. Boomerang.xyza family-friendly banking solution
  64. DoTell.xyza social messaging platform
  65. Lune.xyza VR marketing agency in Poland