April 1 has always been a fun day for me. We are almost five years in @XYZ and we have grown so much, as a registry and as a team. We now have the privilege of launching our 11th and 12th domain extensions this month. General Availability for .Monster opens up today and .Baby tomorrow.

You might be thinking – “Why would anyone want a .Monster?” My answer – why not?

.Monster – For Scary Good Ideas™

.Monster was caged up as an exclusive brand domain in the past, and for the first time ever it is being unleashed to the public. Hopefully you viewed the Get.Monster link above because that’s the inspiration of this post. This is my personal blog after all, so I am reflecting a bit here and sharing my thoughts on a few breakthroughs to occur @XYZ recently.

The team @XYZ has put out some of the most clever, witty, unique, and downright tantalizing brand offerings I have seen in a while with the release of .Monster and .Baby. While I am the front person here @XYZ – this is a team effort, and I am compelled to highlight a few team members who have led the way on .Monster and .Baby design, creative direction, and ethos.

Running XYZ involves more than just a few individuals, and I could spend months writing individual profiles, but ABC, JMH, and GC really earned this shout out.

ABC – Amy Brown Cole
Amy is celebrating nearly 5 years @XYZ this year and she has done an incredible job designing and executing on our creative vision here. I have had the pleasure of working with Amy and watching her grow as a designer and visionary. The designs and creative vision inspire me to be a better leader and I am proud to have Amy as our Creative Director. I am really proud of you and your passion has shown off in your unforgettable designs and creative direction.

JMH – Jocelyn M. Hanc
Jocelyn started off as a front-end developer and has climbed her way up to Director of Operations @XYZ. Jocelyn and I have come a long way, and she has thrived under new responsibilities and management assignments, guiding us to where we are today.

I can’t praise ABC / JMH without thanking the rest of the team and especially GC – Grant Carpenter – who deserves a post of his own one day.

GC – Grant Carpenter
His initials indicate his role as General Counsel, but to XYZ he is so much more than that. Most recently he has maneuvered the contractual and technical challenges of switching backends on .Monster and .Baby, a previously restricted domain extension. Time and time again he has professionally tackled many projects and I am honored to have him as our GC for nearly 6 years.

The hard work and dedication of ABC / JMH is shown so beautifully in Get.Monster and this product will be permanently appreciated by generations to come as .Monster is now available for anyone, anywhere to register and use freely as a low cost domain extension.

The offerings

A few people have asked me for projections and thoughts about registration volume on .Monster. I hope we don’t hit millions of .Monster domains at first, as it would be great to see little monsters all over the world pick up their name when they hit that scary good idea. However, .Monster is an unrestricted namespace, with very few reserved domain names, so we could have a hundred registrations, ten million registrations, or somewhere in between. The registration volume doesn’t matter. Our goal is to have .Monster readily available and affordable for anyone with a monster idea.

Many companies wouldn’t have taken on the challenge or invested in the talent required to bring such a unique offering, .Monster, to the marketplace, but I am proud to have done so for the greater goal of expanding the internet. In the spirit of competition, choice, and a creative outlet to have fun, I look forward to seeing many future .Monster websites.

.xyz is for every website, everywhere.

.Monster is for scary good ideas.

Why wait 9 months? Get your .Baby now (As of April 2nd)

If you haven’t seen our XYZ portfolio – check it out. Hat tip to the entire XYZ team, XYZ family, our registrants, our registrars, and all of our new monsters out there.

Our mission @XYZ from the beginning was to create competition and choice for users around the world with their naming options. Our mission moving forward is to continue helping end users around the world manifest their passions with fully unrestricted domain names like .xyz, .Monster, and industry specific endings like .Cars and .Security.

2019 should be a real pivotal year for new gtlds. I look forward to continuing to lead the way with XYZ by increasing our offerings, putting out more ridiculously good designs, inspiring excitement in internet users, and doing so along with all of you.

On a personal note, I got married to my soulmate and I’m excited to take on that next chapter in my life. This gives me a whole new meaning and purpose to take XYZ to the next level.

Thank you for your continuous support.