On June 2nd, 2018, the #GenXYZ community celebrated .xyz’s 4th birthday. I often find myself reflecting on this incredible journey. In 2014, the landscape was different and people wanted something different – I came up with the concept that “you end the alphabet with xyz, why not end domain names the same way?” It stuck. Our team has done an incredible job shepherding the community to where it is today. We really did it together – that I am proud of.

Our mission of being the platform for the next generation of internet users still rings true today. .XYZ is giving future generations an opportunity to get online with freedom of choice and unlimited potential to innovate. That is why I am so excited to announce we have decided to donate $1 per domain registered for 2 years or renewed for 1 year in the month of June to the Electronic Frontier Foundation from participating registrars (details here). Our minimum donation will be $10,000 but I hope to exceed that number. EFF and other similar charities supporting internet freedom have an identical core mission to .xyz; promoting free speech and innovation.

Our commitment to protecting internet freedom in this campaign is also combined with some of the most affordable prices we’ve had for .xyz domains, which I believe is going to spark even further innovation and creativity on .xyz sites. More and more influential .xyz adopters are arriving every day. Companies like PublicSpace.xyz are gaining widespread acclaim while setting trends, startups like Sheba.xyz are trailblazing new economies, and titans of innovation like MIT (Engine.xyz), the co-founders of Skype (Starship.xyz), and Deloitte (Exponentials.xyz), have continued to further their brand globally using their .xyz domains.

XYZ has always stood for democracy and freedom online since it all began in 2014, now 4 years later we renew our vows to that community and commit to the next generation of internet users. Regardless of where you live, how old you are, your gender, or any other label, the internet is for everyone, and we’re working to keep it that way.

Thank you for being a part of #GenXYZ.


Daniel Negari