Domain extensions, domain names, real estate, technology, advertising – I’ve been a serial entrepreneur from a very early age. It began with my first custom computer venture when I was 12 years old. In order to build a successful business, I knew I needed an online presence, which began with a domain name.

I clearly recall sitting in my school’s computer lab, spending hours scouring for three-letter .coms or any other brandable domain names for my business. I eventually settled for (as in “Get A Personal Computer Now”) for my very first domain purchase.

The lesson that really stuck with me was there was a strong demand from entrepreneurs, and certainly others, for quality domain names, but there was a scarcity in supply, regardless of the domain extension.

With the launch of .xyz, short and brandable domain names are available again. Because it is my mission to bring choice and innovation back to the domain namespace, there is nothing more exciting than seeing entrepreneurs proudly launching their new ventures on a .xyz domain.

Do you have an innovative business idea you’re passionate about? Based on my success with numerous ventures across industries such as a real estate, technology, and advertising, I would like to offer three pieces of advice to support you, the entrepreneur:

1. Identify what you’re passionate about

What are you passionate about? Do you have a product, service, or idea that provides your audience clear value? Let your passion guide you to carefully outline your mission, goals, and long-term vision so you can keep your eyes on the prize.

By working on a project you are passionate about, your days begin to feel less like work and more like a move towards personal fulfillment. This is important because there will always be hurdles along the way – your passion will be what motivates you when the going gets tough.

2. Work with people you trust and take advantage of unique skillsets to put together a game plan

You can have a great product, but your team and game plan have to be just as great, if not better, to catapult your venture. I always say that one of my secrets to success is that I hire people that are better than me in one or more particular areas. We often strategize together based on each person’s unique background and skillset, then develop a game plan that everyone can work towards. This gives me the confidence to let my teams run autonomously while I focus on my top priorities.

Once the wheels are in motion, the next step is to share your product or vision with the world. That’s where .xyz comes in. It provides everyone with the opportunity to leverage the availability, affordability, flexibility, and built-in global brand recognition to launch your new business. Remember – your brand is everything, so use your domain to make a statement.

3. Finally, execute and don’t give up

Even after building the world’s largest new domain extension, my team and I are constantly brainstorming ways to develop new resources to support entrepreneurs and small businesses. Now is not the time to time to become complacent. Afterall, my dream is for innovative entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into realities without any limitations in the online space.

Earlier this month, we released over 18,000 previously-unavailable .xyz domain names, of which there are still thousands of three-character, four-letter, and keyword domain names available for your potential new venture.

Additionally, I am very excited to announce our upcoming short video series called “Ways to XYZ,” where we will show end users the countless ways you can utilize .xyz domain names to help get your venture off the ground. From business sites, microsites, personal blogs, to even the popular usage of branded URL shorteners, we’re very thrilled to be able to inspire people to build out their online presences with .xyz.

Every great business starts with a passionate entrepreneur. As I learned when I was 12 years old, the importance of how you present, market, and brand your business is just as critical as the idea and passion that you carry with your team. With .xyz, you can get the brandable business name you want, along with relevant keywords, and begin executing on your dream project.

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