.xyz officially has more registrations than any other new domain extension — all in well under one week. Thank you to the entire XYZ team, including all of the 200+ innovative registrars in our distribution network.

Our success has been unreal. So much so that I am HAPPY to announce our acquisition of Yahoo’s former office in Santa Monica, California.

New XYZ office building in Santa Monica

This area is already perfect for an Internet company, with companies like Demand Media, MTV, Sony, Atari, Universal, and Yahoo already in Silicon Beach. XYZ is proud to be a neighbors with these companies and many others.

Interior of the new XYZ office building in Santa Monica

Our Beverly Hills team will be relocating to what will become the 50 yard line of Santa Monica. The office is right next to the future Bergamot Place Station on the LA EXPO light rail line, which will be completed later this year. New transportation options like this one are the future of LA, and a necessity for a sustainable future. XYZ is proud to be front and center in this transportation revolution.

Map of the LA EXPO rail line

Team XYZ will be able to take the train to or from Downtown Los Angeles in less than 30 minutes, regardless of traffic conditions on the roads (I’m sure you’ve all heard about LA traffic). And with the opening of the Bergamot Station stop, more development is quickly coming to the area. It’s an area with a lot of promise — perfect for a domain extension (.xyz) and company (XYZ) with a matching bright future.

Map of the new XYZ office

Image of surrounding buildings and people in Santa Monica

The purchase of this building is the culmination of years of hard work by our team to make .xyz a globally recognized brand and the go-to domain extension for the next generation of the internet. This isn’t a short term play — .xyz is my life and my passion, and I am honored to be working with the people around me and sharing this experience with the world. The goal of .xyz has always been to bring new choice, accessibility, and innovation to the Internet. We look forward to reaching many more milestones together with the investors and the end users who have believed in us and the believers that will join Generation XYZ.