Since launching .xyz, I’ve been asked this question countless times: can new domain extensions (also known as gTLDs) rank in Google? The question is not “will they rank higher”, but an even more basic, “is it even possible for the new gTLDs to appear in Google’s search results?”

The answer is YES. In fact, when combined with other search engine optimization tactics, your site on a new extension can rank extremely well.

In Google’s eyes, all domains are treated equally. A .com will not necessarily be favored over a .xyz or .College or any other domain extension for that matter. What is important to consider when trying to rank well, is acquiring keyword and relevant domains and putting up quality, and again, relevant content that includes those keywords.


A prime example of a high-performing .xyz site is Hooli, which recently launched on May 3 by the makers of the HBO series “Silicon Valley.” Within days of going live, ranked first in Google for the term “hooli,” and outranked the show’s official website, the Wikipedia page, and even popular publications that have covered the show such as Business Insider, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat.

hooli com

Global search engine advantages with .xyz domains
To illustrate the global search engine advantages with .xyz domains, we found some examples, which I’m excited to share with you. First, let’s look at Jagzzi.

Jagzzi is a Japanese online fashion and lifestyle magazine run by university students in Tokyo. It first launched in 2005 as, but made the move to its exact-match .xyz domain last year.

jagzzi not only ranks first for the term “jagzzi” in Japan’s Google (, but it also ranks first in Google in the US, regardless of the fact that the site’s content is entirely in Japanese.

jagzzi jp


jagzzi com

Another great example is the UK-based nonprofit organization, Reall.


Originally, this organization did a complete rebrand with a new name and new domain name. For the terms “reall,” as well as “homeless international,” ranks first in Google searches.

reall com


The bottom line is that because the availability of keyword .xyz domains is still extremely high, individuals and businesses have the opportunity to acquire these domains to build quality content on.

With a domain name from .xyz or another new gTLD, end users have the flexibility to establish and promote their brand, while also improving their visibility in search engine rankings. Carefully considering your domain name is a cost-effective, strategic business decision that can help you get found by your customers.

New gTLDs will rank in Google, assuming that you utilize keywords and domains related to your business. When supplemented with quality content on your site, your websites on a new domain extension will rank well on search engines.

Have you seen positive or negative experiences with your new gTLD domain names? Share tips and thoughts below for other readers to learn.